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Rules & Regulations

1. Liability and Insurance

The organisers will not accept liability for loss of, or damage to any exhibit, material / machinery, etc. nor for injury to exhibitor personnel at any time. exhibitors are strongly advised to take an insurance policy covering theft, loss, damage, re injuries, third party claims, etc. on:

• Machinery

• Transit, loading and unloading of machines

• Exhibition personnel

• Third party (visitors)

2. Force Majeure

The exhibition may be postponed, shortened or extended due to any cause whatsoever outside the control of the organisers. The organisers shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by the exhibitor, directly or indirectly, attributable to the elements of nature, force majeure or orders and directives imposed by any governmental authority. In the event of such circumstances the organisers decision will be final on all commercial and non-commercial aspects.

3. Demonstrations and Working Exhibits

An exhibitor intending to demonstrate working equipment on his stand must :

• Provide the organisers with full details, in writing, of any working exhibits involving moving parts, naked lasers, or other items, which could be hazardous to visitors or the exhibitors.

• Give proper consideration to the safety and conditions under which the exhibits will be demonstrated, as per the rules laid down by the Ministry of Environment, Pollution Control Act.

• Cause on annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors. Where a high level of noise is involved, demonstrations may only take place at the times stipulated by the organisers, who reserve the right to terminate a demonstration at any time.

• Isolate controls so that visitor cannot operate them.

• Do not use washing or winking light

4. Fire Precautions

Fighting equipment will be provided by organisers, at different points in the Exhibition Halls, Exhibitors are, however advised to take due precautions and install necessary safety and firefighting equipments in their stands. Exhibitors who, because of the nature of their exhibits, require a special type of cost for the provision of such equipment. The organisers will assist and advise if required. Any person seeing the outbreak of a fire, however small, must make immediate use of the of fire alarm system and make every endeavor to extinguish the outbreak or to continue it by the use of extinguisher.

5. Stand Fitting Regulations (Official Shell Scheme)

The following regulations must be observed when preparing a stand presentation, rental display / shell schemes :

• No additional ; stand fitting or display may attached to the shell stand structure. No nailing or drilling will be allowed. If you require assistance in hanging or displaying your exhibits, please consult the Official shell scheme contractor

• No painting or wall papering of the stand panels of the Shell Scheme stands will be allowed in the Exhibition Halls. Exhibitors who wish to have their panels painted must inform the Of a quotation for the same.

• No freestanding figment may exceed a height of 2.5 m or extend beyond the boundaries of the site allocated.

• Any change to the color of the floor covering provided must be by prior approval of the architect. The cost must be borne by the exhibitor

• The organisers will give no finicial credit for any package item not utilized.

• All Exhibitors who are displaying machines need to inform organiser with specs of machines

6. Electrical Supplies and Installation

• Hall lighting will be provided by the organiser, in addition to normal stand lighting. The standard electrical voltage available for use on stands at the Exhibition is given in point

• below - Fluctuation of plus or minus 10% can expected. EXHIBITORS WHOSE EQUIPMENT ARE PARTICULARLY SENSITIVE SHOULD INSTALL A STABILIZER. Supplies to stands will normally be switched off, at source, 30 minutes after the Exhibition closes each day 15 minutes on the final day

The electric power supply available at Exhibition is :

• 3 phase : 400 / 440 volts 50 cycles + or - 10 %

• Single Phase : 230 volts + or - 10 %

• Frequency : 50 CPS + or - 3 %

• Larger variations and fluctuations could be expected on some occasions.

• Organiser for supply of power will be entrusted with authority for regulating and controlling the power supply to the Exhibition Halls and individual stalls.

• Each stall will be provided with electric power at one or more main point, depending on the total load requirement. Exhibitors should use distribution boards for feeding power to their machines. Individual isolation switches should be provided for each machine. Exhibitors should use either armored cables or metal conduits for connecting power supply to machines.

• The work of drawing power from the main points to the machines / exhibits is to be carried out by the exhibitors, at their own cost. Exhibitors may engage the services of their own personnel or authorized electrical contractors for cabling work inside their stall, subject to the condition that they are duly licensed to caretaker electrical work and their names and addresses are intimated to the organisers before the commencement of work.

• The exhibitors should connect power to machines and exhibits as per the requirement given in their applications. Connecting power to the exhibits, other than those mentioned in the Electricity Requisition Form or more than the specified load or the load allotted by the Electrical Department would not be permitted. The total load applied for should be the total connected load.

• Exhibitors must install separate and independent switch connections for their machines / exhibits. Alternate connections or throw-over switches are not allowed.

• In case the power is supplied to the stall from two or more main points, exhibitors must distribute the load as per the capacity of the respective switch boards in consultation with Of single-phase power for lighting purpose should carry out necessary wiring from the 3-phase outlet, two poles single phase switches if necessary, for further distribution.

• All the main electrical supply points should not be concealed or covered.

• Temporary power supply for erection and testing of machines can be made available on request. The Exhibitor will have to pay for the extra power requires during this period.

• This exhibitors are advised to install equipment like voltage stabilizers / UPS for their sophisticated machines / exhibits. If the machines are sensitive to the alignment of the floor, placement of steel plates underneath is recommended.

• Exhibitors are advised to exercise the highest levels of safety precautions and engage the services of qualified professionals only for their electrical writing and installations.

Note : Flashing lights and neon signs are not permitted

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