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Registration of Exhibitor's Stand Personnel Each exhibitor will be issued Exhibitor Badges (a free entry pass). Exhibitor Badges are meant for the staff manning the booth during the Exhibition days. They must not be given to contractors or suppliers. For security reasons, exhibitors are requested to wear the badge whenever they are in the hall, throughout all phases of the exhibition. All exhibitors are requested to make the Show Management Of

Note : Badges and Free Entry Passes are non-transferable

Bonafide Exhibitor's Certificate – A “Bonafide Exhibitor” certificate will be issued to each exhibitor on receipt of full payment. Exhibitors may require a certificate for exemption of payment of excise duty at the time of clearance. For exemption of payment of sales tax andoctroi, please contact the organizers to collect the Certificate of Participation in the Exhibition.

Exemption of Duties Exemption from payment of Central Excise : India Trade Promotion (ITPO) has approved Industrial Engineering Expo. Exemption from payment of Octroi Duty : Exhibitions are advised to follow octroi formalities in their respective cities as per the prevailing rules, to avoid octroi levy when they return their exhibits.

First – Aid - at the venue.First aid facilities will be available at Organizer’s site Business Centre Photocopying, fax telephone (STD/ISD) facilities, will be provided on the site. For more information contact Show Manager site office.

Car Parking - No exhibitor will be allowed to bring his car inside the venue during the Exhibition period. However, limited car parking is available in the premises for the exhibitors.

Exhibition Directory & Forms - Each exhibitor will be given an entry in the Exhibition Directory giving his Name, Address and Stand No., Telephone, le (form 1)" and send it Fax, E-mail, Product Range, etc. Please complete the form titled "Exhibitors Directory Pro together with your product list to reach the organizers not later than December 10, 2018.

Exhibitors, who fail to send the form by date, will be listed with whatever information is available about them with the organizers at the time. The organizers will not be responsible in such cases for incomplete or inaccurate data published about the exhibitors.

One copy of the Exhibition directory will be given, free of cost to each exhibitor and advertiser. Additional copies will be available on payment. Advertisements are invited for publication in the Directory as per the "Exhibitor's Directory Advertisement (Form 2)".

Temporary Personnel & Manning of Stands –

a. Secretaries / stand hostesses can be provided. For details please contact organisers.

b. All stands must be adequately manned by exhibitor's personnel during the visiting hours. Technical staff should be present to answer technical queries from visitors.

Location of

  • An Emergency Announcement Control Room will be located at the Show Administration Office.
  • Fire tenders will be in attendance, at strategic locations.
  • A First Aid Box will be available with the Hall Director in Show Administration Of
  • Doctor on call facility available with the organizer.
  • Information Booths will be located in strategic locations as indicated below :
    • Regarding the exhibition at the ground.
    • For visitors, at the Registration counters are at Main Entrance Gates. cial Electrical Contractor, Freight Forwarders, and Stand Contractor are located at Utility Area.
  • The IEE Office is located in the Show Administrative Office.
  • The Industrial Engineering Expo Office Visitor facilitation units / registration counters are located at Main Entrance Gate.
  • Storage of empties : This facility is available, on payment, with freight forwarders. For smaller exhibitors, efforts will be made to provide storage space.
  • Cleaning and removal of waste will be continued throughout the day, during show hours, and will be carried out by official cleaning contractors, However, it will be obligatory on the part of the exhibitor to segregate all wastethe of plastic. Glass, metal wood, paper and eatables in separate polythene bags.

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